About The Espresso

We were born with the mission of enhancing the value of Central Highlands specialties.

Story of The Esppresso

The Espresso coffee is produced with enthusiasm, crafted with passion, and served with love to everyone! 90% of the coffee beans are harvested in the garden, carefully selected to ensure a basket of 100% ripe coffee cherries before going through the washing process. Defective, damaged, and infested beans are removed. Through the fermentation and rubbing process, the coffee is then dried in a greenhouse following the proper specialty coffee production procedures. This stage is carried out at The Espresso Processing Workshop in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak.

Every moment of euphoria with a cup of coffee is a memorable experience. With meticulously prepared and visually stunning products, The Espresso hopes to create an exciting and valuable experience for you on your journey of exploring and savoring coffee—the pinnacle beverage gifted by nature to humankind!

The Espresso

The vision of The Espresso

Everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and savor the exquisite essence inherent in coffee beans, which nature has generously bestowed upon us. We aim to cultivate and spread the love for coffee within the Vietnamese community, cherishing the value of the precious black beans, from their roots to the source, which encompasses the hard work and dedication of the coffee farmers on the highlands. As the first establishment to utilize SPECIALTY COFFEE throughout our entire chain of stores, The Espresso is proud to present the Fine Robusta espresso - with its distinctive flavor of tropical fruits from the mountainous forests of the Central Highlands. Espresso, already delightful, becomes even more exceptional!

Enhancing the value of specialty products.
Connecting coffee enthusiasts.
Spreading the Vietnamese coffee spirit.
The Espresso

The mission of The Espresso

We are born from the red highland soil, where we are nurtured and grow alongside coffee plants. Our mission is to bring delicious coffee everywhere, reaching those who are already coffee drinkers, coffee enthusiasts, or even those who have yet to discover coffee but deserve to experience the immense value of this beverage.

Alongside the passage of time and the continuous development of our nation, our people, and the ever-increasing quality of life, we aspire to make a small contribution to the mission of elevating the value of Vietnamese agricultural products across the five continents and dominating a global position.

The Espresso

The core values of The Espresso

The roasting process is strictly carried out according to the tested profiles, ensuring meticulous cupping tests before distributing to serving outlets. With utmost dedication and passion, our baristas play a crucial role in brewing rich and profound espresso. Ensuring consistent and high-quality standards is the goal that The Espresso strives to establish and uphold. Every cup of coffee delivered to our customers attains its true and exceptional value!

Preserving the value of specialty products.
Quality is our top priority.
Spirit is our number one priority.
The Espresso