About The Espresso

Born with the mission of elevating the value of Central Highlands specialties

The Story of The Espresso

The Espresso coffee is produced with enthusiasm, crafted with passion, and served with love to everyone!

Every moment of exhilaration with a cup of coffee is a memorable experience. With meticulously prepared and visually stunning products...

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The Vision of The Espresso

Everyone will get to enjoy delicious cups of coffee and experience the exquisite essence inherent in coffee beans.

Elevating the value of specialty products.
Connecting the passion for coffee.
Spreading the spirit of Vietnamese coffee.
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Our Business

The Espresso - Teco Holdings

Planting and Processing

The Espresso Farm is a subsidiary of TECO Holdings. We own a coffee plantation in the specialty coffee region of Buon Me Thuot, which is certified as a national specialty product. The products of The Espresso Farm bring our customers the most distinctive flavors of the red soil Bazan highland region.


The Espresso provides a high standard supply chain system for products and materials in the coffee brewing, processing, and business sector, meeting the premium FnB service standards. We always deliver high-quality products, along with abundant and competitively priced raw materials, to meet the needs of every customer.

The Espresso Coffee Shop System

Our branded coffee shop system, protected under The Espresso, strives to bring our valued customers a diverse and exciting range of beverage products throughout the day. With each sip of delicious coffee, down to the last drop, and every sip of our richly flavored creations, The Espresso will elevate your emotions to new heights.

Business Franchise Opportunities

In addition to developing and directly operating business services, we also focus on franchising The Espresso brand (which is protected by exclusive trademark rights) to all customers nationwide who have a desire to expand their business and participate in the FnB industry.

Exclusive Beverage Privileges From:

20 - 50%

Register as a loyal member of The Espresso to enjoy special discount programs exclusively for loyal customers and prepaid customers before using any products at The Espresso.

The Espresso Coffee

Product of

The Espresso

The Espresso Beverages

Diverse Beverage Selection

With a menu catalogue of over 30 rich and diverse beverage options available at the counter, The Espresso coffee shop system is always ready to serve you.

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Quality and Sophistication

The Espresso produces and supplies premium packaged specialty products from the Central Highlands region. We aim to bring specialty products, enhance their value, and connect the passion to all customers everywhere.

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Business Franchise Opportunities

Together The Espresso

If you have the intention to start a business or increase your income by opening a professionally built, managed, and operated coffee shop franchise, with endless delicious coffee products and stable revenue, don't hesitate to give us a call. Let's join forces and embark on this journey together.

  • Business Expansion
  • Increasing Income
  • Stabilizing Life
  • Connecting the Passion for Coffee
  • Elevating the Value of Vietnamese Specialty Coffee
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The Espresso - TECO Holdings